The new users Hangout and rules

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The new users Hangout and rules

Post by Latina on Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:33 pm

Welcome welcome, all - to the new New Users Hangout thread!
The old one was getting a bit lengthy, so we thought it best to give it a nice, fresh start. While here, all new members can post to be greeted by others, and chat with fellow members. It's a nice way to start making some friends, and break the ice, because PC is rather large. This is definitely the place to start out. Very Happy However, it's also recommended that you post your own individual introduction thread, rather than just introducing yourself in here.

You can also feel free to ask questions here, but before you go posting around like crazy, you might want to check out the links below. They may answer a lot of your questions~.

Feeling lost? PC can seem overwhelming if you don't know your way around, so I'd highly advise all new users to take a look at this guide. It has links, and information about many different area/aspects of this place. I got the idea of linking to it through a more recent post that was created by the user Twilight Sky, but given link is the official stickied guide. So I felt it best to link to that one. Hope it helps at least a few users out. :3

Also, I'd like to ask you not to forget that this area still follows regular forum rules. What's considered spam through-out the rest of PC, is also spam here. So be careful with what you post, and don't try to rush through to that almighty 15 post count. If they're found to be spam, they'll be deleted regardless.

In addition, please try to keep questions regarding ROM hacking in the Emulation boards. It's fine to ask questions regarding the forums and their organization here, but there's really no reason to ask questions about hacking here as chances are most people won't know what to tell you.

Just keep that in mind. (b ' ')b

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