How to Select the Best Pokemon to Beat the Elite Four

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How to Select the Best Pokemon to Beat the Elite Four

Post by pridhvi on Tue Apr 12, 2011 12:36 pm

this is your first time fighting the Elite Four, your rival will come up and battle you once you're at the door. His Pokémon are:

* Staraptor (Normal/Flying, beat it with Electric or Ice)
* Heracross (Bug/Fighting, beat it with Flying [X4 Effectivness], Psychic or Fire)
* Snorlax (Normal, beat it with Fighting)
o If you started with Chimchar:
+ Roserade (Grass/Poison, beat it with Flying, Ice, Fire or Psychic)
+ Rapidash (Fire, beat it with Water, Ground or Rock)
+ Empoleon (Water/Steel, Fighting works well, but Electric is not as effective)
o If you started with Turtwig:
+ Roserade (Grass/Poison)
+ Floatzel (Water, beat it with Grass or Electric)
+ Infernape (Fire/Fighting, beat it with Water, Flying or Psychic)
o If you started with Piplup:
+ Rapidash (Fire)
+ Floatzel (Water)
+ Torterra (Grass/Ground, defeat it with Ice, Bug, or Flying)

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