Seven Sages Location[After you beat Elite Four]

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Seven Sages Location[After you beat Elite Four]

Post by Latina on Thu Mar 31, 2011 1:31 pm

After you’ve beaten the Elite Four and become the Pokemon Master in the Unova Region, a new adventure awaits and one of them is locating the seven sages in the land.

Aside from Ghetsis, in which you meet automatically, you must find the six remaining sages that are hidden throughout the region. By finding them all, you will get to hear more about Team N and get different kinds of TMs for your Pokemon to learn.

In this guide, we will tell you the locations of the six remaining sages. If you have any questions, simply drop us a comment!

Location: Route 18
How to find him: Use Surf on western-most part of Nuvema Town and you’ll find Rood at the southwestern point of Route 17 and 18.
TM Received: 32 – Double Team

Location: Relic Castle
How to find him: Find Ryoku at the deepest chamber of the castle where you meet Volcarona.
TM Received: 04 – Calm Mind

Location: Chargestone Cave
How to find him: Bronius can be located at the B2F of the cave. Upon talking to him, you will engage a fight with two Team Plasma Grunts.
TM Received: 69 – Rock Polish

Location: The Cold Storage
How to find him: Zinzolin is hidden in the container inside the Cold Storage
TM Received: 01 – Hone Claws

Location: The Dreamyard
How to find him: From Striaton City, head to the Dreamyard, and he should be near the stairs
TM Received: 75 – Sword Dance

Location: Route 14
How to find him: Use the HM, Waterfall in Route 14 to go on top of the waterfall.
TM Received: 08 – Bulk Up


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