Research & Development Quick Research/Development Thread

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Research & Development Quick Research/Development Thread

Post by Latina on Tue Mar 08, 2011 3:12 pm

Research & Development Quick Research Thread

Well, with the dawn of a new forum, we’re likely to have countless threads coming through. Nonetheless they may be sufficient an able to enter this forum. But, they might be something that can be solved in the matter of five posts. So, this is what this thread is for. If you think of something you want to research, but it’s a bit short for a full R&D Thread, just post it here. And others can help you out!

Posting format

When posting your researched articles, please post them in a format that can be easily understood. Along with posting all your research on the matter in hand, please include any website links, offsets and the likes when posting your article. It will help people find out about it more, and easier.

Forum rules

All posts must follow the posting format above. In addition, threads must follow the rules detailed below. (Of course, please ensure that you follow the PokéCommunity rules as well.)

This is not a Simple Question thread.
This is purely for quick research, don’t ask your ROM Hacking questions.

You should have a minimum amount of knowledge on the matter in hand.
We expect that you’ll have knowledge of ROM Hacking and at least a small idea on what to do with what you’ve found out.

Reviving old topics in the thread is forbidden.
Unless you’ve found significant research and the case was un-resolved in the first time of posting.

For further information


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