Progressing Hacks forum rules

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Progressing Hacks forum rules

Post by Latina on Thu Mar 03, 2011 4:51 pm

This forum is bound to rules that are set by the global Poke'Maniac rules.
By posting in this forum, you agree that your posts meet rules set in the Poke'Maniac global rules, the Poke'Maniacs emulation rules, as well as the rules set from here on. There are no exemptions made for this forum. However, there are special infractions that apply to this forum listed in the "Forum-specific infractions scheme" section of this thread.

This forum is not used for discussion threads that do not showcase a hack.
The Hacks Showcase forum is only for displaying hacks. It is not for gathering hack teams or other general discussion. There are specific forums for these purposes.

There cannot be more than one thread representing a hack at the same time.

Hacks must include an introduction or a story.
Optional parts include the game your hack is based off (Pokémon Red, Gold, or Ruby, for instance), a list of features, frequently asked questions, your hack’s achievements (such as Hack of the Year!), a list of bugs, the team involved with the hack, etc.

If you are using other people’s hacks or code bases, you must have permission.
You are required to state whether your hack is yours or not – you cannot post any hack in the Hacks Showcase forum unless it is yours, unless you obtain permission from the hack’s author to post it (and/or modify it for your own purposes). Hacks that we believe are based off the code base of another hack will not be approved.

Fake hacks or theft will not be tolerated.
The hacks you post must not contain any fake information. The images must be screenshots taken in an emulator of your choice, and should not be edited in any form.

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