Donation Advantages

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Donation Advantages

Post by Latina on Wed Mar 02, 2011 3:01 pm

Guys i am still working under this post.

But there are many options you may see

1.Donations upto -1$-20$ - Gets a Brand new name n forums + a Surprise gift+ a honourable rank + a page with no adds on it.ion + Extra PM space [ 100 messages ] .

2.Donations upto -20$ to 50 $ - Gets a Name of his own,his page size is increases,he is given a private forum to run,+honourable rank, lol! ,a page without adds , special rights + Larger avatar and access to style testing forum.

3.Grand Donaters- Above 50$ - Gets their own forum attached to us.Gets a type of new category of own+ a page without adds, a pet name and honourable rak +Extra pm space [ 100 messages ] and The 2nd Admin Position of the forum

4.The one helped me while making forums

1.Nova - got a self forum, and a Moderater rank

2.Anbuja - Moderater rank

3.boopy - Moderater rank

3.If anyone helps in recruiting or invites more than 10 members gets a Honourable rank of his own a access to style testing forums.

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