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Pokemon Hacking resources

Post by Latina on Wed Mar 02, 2011 6:16 am

Well, it's been a while since the last one got made. So, we decided to make a new one, that will be updated for every new resource.


- Every post here has to have resources that are to be shared.
- The resources mustn't be someone else's unless you post the creator's name and the creator would like his resources to be used.
- When you use some of the resources here make sure you give credit to the person that made them.

Posts not following these rules will be deleted.



Revamped G/S/C sprites - charmander07
Advanced TCG Player sprite - Pyro
Brock back and overworld sprites - thethethethe
Gary overworld sprites - T
Platinum character sprites - Forgotten Memory
Revamped G/S/C sprites - charmander07
Fourth generation sprites - Dark_porygon
Pokémon sprite mix - SSJ4 Furatman
Revamped/Indexed/Custom sprites [#1] [#2] [#3] [#4] [#5] [#6] [#7] [#8] [#9] [#10] - SSJ4 Furatman
Indexed sprites [#1] - destinedjagold
Gold Indexed Backsprites - Synster_Zeikku, Girdion
Sinnoh Pokémon Indexed Sprites - Wichu
Indexed Sprites [#1] - Aerodynamic
Ripped Sprites [#1] [#2] [#3] - HackMew


D/P Tiles - Saurav
Custom Pokémart and Pokécenter - Pyro
Custom buildings [#1] [#2] [#3] [#4] - Pyro
Custom tree - Pyro
Revamped G/S/C tiles - Don Patch
Custom tiles - Don Patch
Custom tiles (FR/LG style) - Don Patch
Platinum trees - Synyster Zeikku, TB Pro
Platinum tree and grass - Alistair
Revamped G/S/C tiles - Pokepal17
Project Platina - Jesse[TB Pro]

Music files

D/P Music files - Scizz
HG/SS Music Files - Gamer2020

ROM Bases

Fire Red ROM Base - Synyster Zeikku, Alistair, Peyi, Kyledove, TB Pro
Fire Red D/P ROM Base - Mew_Ryn, Forgotten Memory, Kyledove
Snow ROM Base (Fire Red) - Neti, dshayabusa, Fangking Omega
Past ROM Base (Fire Red) - Neti
Ever Green ROM Base (Fire Red) - Lucario 9
Alistair tiles ROM Base (Fire Red) - FenderX, Alistair
Disturbed's ROM Base #1 (Fire Red) - Disturbed, Alistair, PHO
mitchel1's ROM Base (Fire Red) - Mitchel1, Alistair, Kyledove, Peyi, Alexmad
Disturbed's sexy ROM Base (Fire Red) - Disturbed, Synster_Zeikku, Xiros, Alistair, Saurav
Punk Rocker's ROM Base (Fire Red) - Punk Rocker, Kyledove, Peyi
SSKD Project - TB Pro, Kyledove, Saurav, Alistair
mitchel1 ROM Base #2 - mitchel1, Kyledove, Coronis
Project Origin - mitchel1, Kyledove, Peyi, Hiroshi Sotomura, Alistair
HG/SS ROM Base - mitchel1, Kyledove
MASTEROFPUPPET's ROM Base - MASTEROFPUPPETS93, Saurav, Wesley FG, Gary93, Doktor Worm
Reck ROM Base - Reck, Banjora Marxvile
Project Mustang - Jesse[TB Pro], Kyledove, Alistair, Zeikku_Sidewinder
WesleyFG Base - Aljam, WesleyFG, Alistair, Kyledove, ageangel


Sprites for Yellow remake - Balladofwindfishes
Pikachu Beach revamps - DARKSHADE
De-capitalisation patch - Wichu
D/P Text Patch - diegoisawesome

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