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Pokemon Pearl Hack

Post by Latina on Wed Mar 02, 2011 5:40 am

Hack of: Pokémon Pearl

use this link for more hacking details

Start date: O4-29-2OO9

Edited till Veilstone City
In %: ||||||||||||||||||||

I frequently update the % bar.

There isn't an actual story. Changing scripts, maps and other
things is just now almost impossible with the 4th generation
games. But do you like a more challenging Pokémon game?
And you like playing a Pokémon hack on a R4, or do you hate
the old graphics? Then this is the ultimate game for you.

The game is harder.
In the original Diamond or Pearl game, the only place where
you might had a rematch was the Elite Four. Now, it's getting
all quite harder.

The Starter Pokémon have been changed.
It might be not-so original, but the Starter Pokémon are:
Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile. If you hate the Johto
Starters because so many hacks already have them included,
then catch another Pokémon.

The Pokédex has had a full make-over.
Say goodbye to Bidoof, Starly, Kricketot and Shinx! Although
some 4th Generation Pokémon are still present, most of them
are not in this game. At least not pre-national dex. New Pokémon
like Ledyba, Mareep, Magnemite, Yanma, Cubone, Mankey,
Houndour and Eevee are now featured before the National
Dex, and ofcourse ALOT more. The legendaries are still the same.

Pokémon Evolution Ways have been changed.
Evolving Eevee by training him in the Eterna Forest? Not anymore.
Just use a Leaf Stone instead! All evolution ways have been edited.
Don't know how to evolve your Pokémon? Keep training, most Pokémon,
like Nosepass, Yanma, Aipom and Piloswine just evolve by leveling
them up.

More things, like Pokémon Attacks, Movesets (only minor moveset
changes though, for the Starters and such), TM's and in-game
Trades have been changed.

- TRAINERS All edited
- WILD POKÉMON All edited
- POKÉDEX Edited
- ATTACK Pluck edited
- ATTACK Bug Bite edited
- MOVESET Chikorita's edited
- MOVESET Meganium's edited
- MOVESET Cyndaquil's edited
- MOVESET Quilava's edited
- MOVESET Typhlosion's edited
- MOVESET Totodile's edited
- MOVESET Croconaw's edited
- MOVESET Feraligatr's edited
- MOVESET Yanma's edited
- MOVESET Duskull's edited
- MOVESET Dusclops's edited
- MOVESET Dusknoir's edited
- MOVESET Yanmega's edited
- EVOLUTION LEVEL Magneton's edited
- EVOLUTION LEVEL Electabuzz's edited
- EVOLUTION LEVEL Magmar's edited
- EVOLUTION LEVEL Seadra's edited
- EVOLUTION LEVEL Eevee's edited
- EVOLUTION LEVEL Yanma's edited
- EVOLUTION LEVEL Aipom's edited
- EVOLUTION LEVEL Gligar's edited
- EVOLUTION LEVEL Piloswine's edited
- EVOLUTION LEVEL Nosepass' edited
- EVOLUTION LEVEL Duskull's edited
- EVOLUTION LEVEL Dusknoir's edited
- SPRITE Arbok's changed
- SPRITE Oddish's changed
- SPRITE Hitmonlee's changed
- SPRITE Hitmonchan's changed
- SPRITE Weezing's changed
- SPRITE Chikorita's changed
- SPRITE Sentret's changed
- SPRITE Hoppip's changed
- SPRITE Bellossom's changed
- SPRITE Aipom's changed
- SPRITE Snubbull's changed
- SPRITE Teddiursa's changed
- SPRITE Houndour's changed
- SPRITE Skarmory's changed
- SPRITE Hitmontop's changed
- SPRITE Zigzagoon's changed
- SPRITE Slaking's changed
- SPRITE Mawile's changed
- SPRITE Spiritomb's changed
- SPRITE Mamoswine's changed
- TYPE Mawile's changed
- STATS Sableye's changed
- STATS Mawile's changed

In-game screenshots (Thanks to Castlevania1995)

You can see Chikorita's new sprite here.

Download the game here below!

Current version: 1.0 (ALPHA, edited till Veilstone City. When you've
reached Hearthome City, please go to the East and follow your
path to Veilstone City. When reached Veilstone City, please wait for
a new Alpha or Bèta to be released.

Instructions on how to patch / play the game are in the README,
attached to the .RAR file.

Pokémon Pearl Deluxe Alpha 1.0

Enormous credits to PokéSho for several sprites which I used and
edited for the game.
Thanks to conwaysloking123 for helping me with some tools
and for editing several Routes, as well as editing the Pokédex.

Userbars (copy the coded part and put it in your signature.
Thanks alot! Please keep checking this thread for the newest upgrades)

Userbar #1 (Created by me / Arbok)


HTML Code:

Userbar #2 (Created by me / Arbok)

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