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Pokemon Platinum Hack

Post by Latina on Wed Mar 02, 2011 5:21 am

.:: Hack/Mod Name ::.
Pokémon: Bloody Platinum

.:: Hack/Mod of ::.
Pokémon Platinum

.::General Information::.
Author: Buffy
Language: English & German & Japanese & French & Spanish & Italian & Korean
Started: 18th July, 2008 (with Bloody Diamond)
Release: 12th July, 2009

don´t upload the Hack on other pages(without asking me) and use always ONLY my Rapidshare Download Links THANKYOU

.:: Features ::.
complete new Features in Bloody Platinum:
¸.•*¨a perfect "diurnal and nocturnal pokemon system"(picture)¨*•.¸
48 Pokemon can only be catched during the morning(4a.m. - 9.59a.m.)

46 Pokemon can only be catched during the day (10a.m. - 7.59p.m.)

49 Pokemon can only be catched during the night (8p.m. - 3.59a.m.)

¸.•*¨ FEMALE AND MALE POKEMON HAVE GOT DIFFERENT SPRITES! e.g. other pose, darker/brither etc. ¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨ Wild Pokemon List(pdf); you can read where to find which Pokemon (including Daytime, rate and Level!) ¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨ Every Trainer uses a new Pokemon Team! ¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨ on some Routes is a "Route Leader" he has got stronger Pokemon than the other Trainers ¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨ a complete new Rival system: your first Pokemon affects your rivals Pokemon Team: ¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨ Turtwig: Rival will use an Offensiv Team (Team Attack)¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨ Chimchar: Rival will use a Defensiv Team (Team Defense) ¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨ Piplup: Rival will use a Fast Team (Team Speed) ¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨ so make the right choice or your rival will defeat you¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨ all Legendary Pokemon became Shadow Pokemon (a the moment they have still their normal types, but the could later become ???-Type with no weaks) ¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨ nearly every NPC has a recolored Overworld Sprite ¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨ new/alternative Evolution (the same like in the Enhanced Edition by Wolfsclaw) ¨*•.¸
Clamperl -Waterstone- Gorebyss
OR -Level 38- Huntail
Dusclops -Level 55- Dusknoir
Electabuzz -Level 50- Electivire
Graveler -Level 41- Golem
Haunter -Level 40- Gengar
Kadabra -Level 38- Alakazam
Machoke -Level 40- Machamp
Magmar -Level 50- Magmortar
Onix -Level 38- Steelix
Poliwhirl -Level 38- Politoed
OR -Waterstone- Poliwrath
Porygon -Level 38- Porygon2
Porygon2 -Level 52- Porygon-Z
Rhydon -Level 58- Rhyperior
Scyther -Level 40- Scizor
Seadra -Level 49- Kingdra
Slowpoke -Level 37- Slowbro
OR -Waterstone- Slowking

¸.•*¨ I created some Eastereggs(I will give you some Riddles to find out where they are(here 2 2 Riddles, sorry if my english is not perfect)) ¨*•.¸
First Riddle: Catch a Zigzagoon and evolve it not before Level 30 and you will found a lot of luck in the place full of Tree´s
If you want to become a Technical Thief go to the "Big Wet Resort"

Features since/from Pokemon Bloody Diamond:
¸.•*¨catch all 493 Pokemon (you can really catch all Pokemon as wild Pokemon)¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨it is possible to catch 491 before you deafeat the Elite 4¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨Legendary Pokemon from the previous Versions are very very rare¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨catch all 12 Starter Pokemon very early in the game¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨fish more Pokemon than Magicarp with the Old Rod¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨stronger wild Pokemon (up to level 90)¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨much stronger Gym Leaders (their Pokemon uses cool movesets)¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨and the nearly invincible Elite 4 and their Champion: "The Legendary 5"(since Bloody Diamond they had a hard Training and became a little bit stronger^^ )¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨Every Pokemon of “The Legendary 5” uses a specific moveset ¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨on some Routes you can catch up to 14 different Pokemon¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨some Pokemon only appear at special daytimes (e.g. nocturnal Pokemon ONLY at night)¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨a lot of wild pokemon hold items¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨you can get every berry from Trainer Battles¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨you can also use your “old” savegame from the "normal" Platinum Version to play Bloody Platinum¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨a lot of new sprites e.g.:¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨new main charakters¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨new rival---new galactic boss---new Legendary 5 (elite 4)---new tower boss¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨The "old" rival is now the 8th gym leader¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨Oak as the new prof¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨i overworked every pokemon route, (because there were a loooot of bugs in every route,cave etc.) now you can catch at every route at least 10(up to 14) different pokemon!!! ¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨i created "diurnal and nocturnal pokemon system" >>> some pokemon appear only at a specific daytime¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨if you defeat the "Legendary 5"(Elite 4 and champ) they will use new movesets¨*•.¸

¸.•* your rival will use different movesets in the "weekend battles"¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨the rival and the Gym Leaders use other and much stronger Pokemon¨*•.¸


.:: to do ::.
change the in-battle sprites of the Trainers[at the moment it is not possible]
maybe i will make some Text Editings etc. but it is too much work (because i want to create a hack in all languages ) and i don´t speak all 6 languages^^

.:: Download ::.
{version 1.0}




Spanish/español :

French/français :

Italian/Italiano :

Japanese/日本語 nihongo:

Korean/hangukmal (한국말):


.:: Howto ::.
In every file is a Read Me with an instruction(so read it!)
{You need an untrimmed Rom of Pokemon Platinum in YOUR language! and of course the Bloody Platinum Patch in the same language}

Here is the English Readme as an example:

1. Open the program "tsukuyomi.exe"

2. Click "Apply patch to an exsisting file"

3. In "UPS patch file to apply:" browse to ""

4. In "Target File to apply patch to: (file will be overwritten)" browse to
your UNTRIMMED Pokemon Platinum US ROM

5. Click "Apply patch"

6. Wait some seconds

7. You can read "Patch applied successfully.
Replacing output file with temporary file ...

8. Click "OK"

9. Play "Pokemon Bloody Platinum"

Thanks to everyone who made it possible to Hack D/P/P

Special Thanks to :Wolfsclaw, SCV, D-Throgh, Gamefreakfatty, Blader, Hackmew (I´m sorry if i have forgotten someone)

Hey Wolfsclaw maybe we can work together and create the greatest Platinum Hack ever
"The Bloody Platinum Enhanced Edtion"

If you want to support the Hack, you can create e.g. Banners and tell your friends sth. about this Hack

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